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Five:58PM A Myanmar military jet has gone missing in the country’s southwest, with efforts underway to find it.

Five:58PM Cambodia’s opposition leader faces decades in prison if convicted of conspiring with the US to bring down the government.

Five:58PM A British former teacher at a school for blind Indian children has been arrested for sexual manhandle.

Five:41PM Stories of youthfull immigrants who would abruptly become illegal if US President Donald Trump passes a fresh law are beginning to emerge.

Five:20PM Vladimir Putin says any toughening of sanctions against North Korea would only lead to more suffering.

Four:31PM A bird strike has sent a Fresh York-bound Japanese plane back to the airport in Tokyo only an hour after takeoff.

Four:25PM The United States is set to be hit by its 2nd hurricane in as many weeks when Hurricane Irma makes landfall.

11:51AM South Korea’s navy has conducted a live-fire exercise in drills aimed at retaliating against potential North Korean provocations.

11:22AM The discovery of a scorpion on board a flight from Paris to Glasgow has caused a delay.

11:22AM Stock markets are under pressure after a global selloff the previous day in the wake of North Korea’s latest and most powerful nuclear test.

11:22AM Researchers in the UK have found that poor sleep leads to fading memory and a heightened risk of depression, anxiety and stress.

9:07AM US President Donald Trump agreed ‘in principle’ to scrap a weight limit on South Korean missiles after phonecalls with his Seoul counterpart Moon Jae-in.

9:01AM It’s been exposed that the music movie Thriller was made as a “vanity project” because Michael Jackson desired to be a monster.

9:01AM A fresh explore shows how women helped foster the development of culture and technology during the bronze age.

8:56AM The United Nations Security Council has met to discuss the latest North Korea provocation, with Ambassador Nikki Haley warning US patience is ‘not unlimited’.

8:16AM Officials have put the number of people who lost their lives in Hurricane Harvey at 60.

8:16AM Stories from around the world overnight.

6:29AM A ceasefire has been agreed inbetween Colombia’s government and left-wing rebel coerces ahead of a visit by Pope Francis.

6:29AM The long road to recovery after Hurricane Harvey has continued with authorities lifting an exclusion zone around a threatened chemical plant near Houston.

6:29AM A woman aged one hundred six who was carried by her son and grandson through mountains, forests and deserts looks set to be deported from Sweden.

Four:46AM Kosovo’s three-month political deadlock has come to an end with the centre-right coalition signing a deal with the smaller Fresh Alliance for Kosovo.

Three:10AM More meetings are scheduled this week as Northern Ireland’s political parties attempt to avoid returning to being ruled from London.

Trio:10AM The United States is ‘running out of patience’ with North Korea, according to Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

Trio:10AM An Israeli activist based in Berlin has taken over a number of nationalist German Facebook pages after infiltrating the online communities.

Three:10AM Kenya will head to the polls again next month for a fresh presidential vote after the results of the August eight poll were nullified by the Supreme Court.

Three:10AM The Queen has officially opened the fresh Queensferry Crossing in Scotland.

Trio:10AM Switzerland is ready to help resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, Swiss President Doris Leuthard says.

Ten:26PM South Korea has responded to the north’s latest nuclear test by carrying out missile drills of its own.

Ten:25PM South Korea says it has seen indications that the North is preparing more missile launches, possibly an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Ten:14PM Hurrican Irma is bearing down on islands at the eastern end of the Caribbean sea.

Ten:05PM The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are thrilled to be expecting their third baby, a sibling for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

9:15PM At least ninety six inmates have escaped from a prison in the central Ivory Coast city of Katiola, officials say.

8:58PM UN cites evidence that crimes against humanity have been committed in Burundi.

8:04PM A timeline leading up to the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third pregnancy.

7:31PM China says US President Donald Trump’s trade threat over North Korea is “unacceptable” and “unfair”

7:22PM One of Italy’s top five fugitives, Mafia boss Rocco Morabito has been arrested in Uruguay after spending twenty three years on the run.

6:57PM Taiwan’s prime minister Lin Chuan has resigned because of declining public support for the president.

Five:51PM Aid agencies estimate that about 90,000 Rohingya have fled from Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh in the past week.

Four:28PM The co-founder and guitarist of the band Steely Dan, Walter Becker, has died. He was aged 67.

Two:36PM An average of national polls shows NSW opposition Labour party is well placed to form government after this month’s election with a playmate of its choice.

1:47PM President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have pledged to cooperate closely against “provocative act” by North Korea.

11:32AM Kim Jong Un’s provocative missile tests are almost certainly intended to get under the skin of one man in particular: President Donald Trump

Ten:39AM An unreleased track by Beatles guitarist George Harrison and previously unseen negatives of the British Band are expected to fetch around $25,000.

Ten:05AM Jihadist defences are collapsing as the Syrian army approaches an Eastern Syrian city that’s been held by IS for years.

Ten:05AM A three-tonne guacamole made from 25,000 avocados has been officially recognised as a fresh world record.

8:49AM Angela Merkel has emerged as the winner of Germany’s one and only TV election debate, underlining the battle facing her main challenger Martin Schulz.

8:19AM Taylor Swift has released another track on her upcoming reputation album, surprising fans with the fresh song, Ready For It

6:17AM Russia is pushing for talks with North Korea, telling sanctions aren’t working, as the UN Security Council prepares to meet after Pyongyang’s nuclear bomb tests.

Trio:36AM More than Two.Three million pilgrims travelled to Saudi Arabia this year for the annual hajj ritual in Mecca.

Three:36AM Some seventy two years after the war inbetween Germany and the Western allies ended a massive bomb has been defused in Frankfurt.

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