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Observe: Louisiana Cops Shoot into Car, Killing 6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis

Assets cam footage displaying Louisiana cops shooting into a car and killing a 6-year-old boy sitting in the passenger seat of his father’s car was released earlier today, displaying no evidence that the cops were in fear for their lives as they have been claiming since last year.

After all, not only does the movie not display Christopher Few using his car as a weapon by ramming his car into their cars.

His car is not even pointed in their direction.

What it does demonstrate is Few sitting in his car with both forearms out the window as his car is angled perpendicular to the two Marksville City Marshals who pull up in their cars, step out and begin shooting.

Derrick Stafford, left, and Norris Greenhouse Jr.

The incident took place November Trio, two thousand fifteen after marshals Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. claimed they attempted to pull Few over for an outstanding warrant.

But it turned out, there was never a warrant for Few’s arrest. Nor was there a gun in the car.

But his son was in the car, a 6-year-old boy named Jeremy Mardis who had been diagnosed with autism. He was shot five times.

It is believed Greenhouse was having an affair with Few’s fiancee, resulting in Few telling the cop to leave her alone a few days before the shooting, which may have led to the shooting.

Jeremy Mardis, left, and father, Chris Few, right.

“I never witnessed a kid in the car, man,” Stafford tells Greenhouse according to the Associated Press, which has not published that part of the movie yet.

But ballistics indicate he fired his gun fourteen times, striking the child at least three times.

Greenhouse fired four times, but they have not determined if his bullets struck anybody.

The footage is from a bod cam worn by a third cop, Marksville Police Sgt. Kenneth Parnell, III, who did not fire his gun, albeit it certainly looks that way from the movie.

The movie was released today by a judge during a hearing for the two cops. Local media says it has much more footage but much of it is gruesome, so they are determining what is adequate to release.

There is no audio for the very first thirty seconds of the movie, which indicates Parnell turned it on as the other cops were shooting Few, resulting in the half-minute buffer with no audio also being recorded.

Both face second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder charges.

As is the case with many cops we write about, both cops had a history of violence and unchecked manhandles, especially Stafford, who was once charged with aggravated rape, so if only they would have fired him from the get-go, little Jeremy Mardis would be alive today.

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