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Movie Shows Deadly Gun Battle in Texas Car Dealership

By Frank Heinz

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Investigation Resumes Into Deadly Greenville Shooting

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Cellphone movie captured the moments just before two private investigators and a fugitive from Minnesota were killed in a gun battle Tuesday night when the pair attempted to make an arrest inwards a North Texas car dealership, police said.

Gunfire erupted at about 7:Ten p.m. Tuesday when two investigators from Corpus Christi, 33-year-old Gabriel Bernal and 54-year-old Fidel Garcia, attempted to arrest Ramon Michael Hutchinson, 49, a dreamed man out of St. Paul, Minnesota, as he sat inwards an office inwards the dealership, Greenville police said.

As Bernal and Garcia approached Hutchinson with guns drawn, Hutchinson attempted to pull a pistol from his waistband but ended up pulling down it on a desk, police said.

“A scuffle ensued in the office as Hutchinson attempted to pick up the weapon,” police said. “Hutchinson was able to retrieve his weapon and began firing. Both Garcia and Bernal returned fire . all three subjects suffered numerous gunshot wounds and died at the scene.”

Police said the three fired approximately twenty shots in just six seconds.

Cellphone movie of the shooting was released by the Greenville Police Department Wednesday afternoon. The movie was confiscated, but it is unclear who recorded it, according to a city spokesperson.

In the movie, Bernal and Garcia can be seen approaching an office with guns drawn as well as the scuffle described by police. When the shooting began, the person recording the movie turned and ran for cover, but the gunshots and screaming can be clearly heard.

Greenville police also released nine hundred eleven calls placed during the shooting, including a woman who said she was hiding in the bathroom while asking police to “please, hurry.”

“There are three families mourning the loss of life today,” said Stew Peters, a bail investigator with the private Minnesota-based company U.S. Fugitive Recovery and Extradition. “Fidel Garcia was a very dedicated, committed professional in the field of bail investigations. His relentless pursuit of hundreds of violent offenders led to the successful apprehension without incident over many years. That pursuit of justice ended tragically last night . he will never be forgotten as a hero.”

Peters said Garcia and Bernal tracked Hutchinson to the dealership. He added that Hutchinson was wished on charges that included assaulting a law enforcement officer and that law enforcement colleagues described him as one of the “most dangerous fugitives in the U.S.”

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Greenville police, meantime, said Hutchinson had been sought since March by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department in Minneapolis for failing to show up on a very first degree drug charge.

The dealership’s holder, Rick Ford, told NBC five Tuesday night that two fellows in plainclothes arrived at his dealership several hours before the shooting and identified themselves as federal agents who were waiting for someone, tho’ they demonstrated no badges.

Dealership Shooting Movie Released

Greenville police released movie from inwards a Nissan car dealership of a violent confrontation that ended with three people dead.

A customer and an “associate,” Ford said, arrived after seven p.m. and the two fellows then approached the man. When they attempted to apprehend him, Ford said, the gunfight erupted as horrified employees and customers ducked for cover.

“I’ve been told that the two gentlemen approached [the associate] with handcuffs and were going to attempt to arrest him and that’s when the shooting embarked,” Ford said.

Greenville police said they were not alerted about the planned arrest beforehand.

Greenville Dealership Employees Released After Shooting

Police in Greenville confirm that three guys are dead after a shooting inwards the Nissan of Greenville auto dealership.

The dealership proprietor said the business will remain closed Wednesday and Thursday as they make repairs and clean up shattered glass from the shooting.

The service department will re-open Friday morning and the showroom will be open Monday.

Officers from the Greenville Police Department, the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office and Texas State Troopers are all investigating.

Raw Movie: Shooting Investigation at Greenville Nissan Dealership

Greenville police are investigating a shooting that left three people dead at a Nissan dealership Tuesday evening.

NBC Five’s Ashleigh Barry and Homa Bash contributed to this report.

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