UPDATED: Police investigate fatal crash in Manassas area, News

UPDATED: Police investigate fatal crash in Manassas area

A 33-year-old Manassas woman died in a fatal crash in the Manassas area early Friday morning.

The crash happened around 6:30 a.m. Friday at the intersection of Sudley Road and Coverstone Drive, Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok said in a news release.

Police said that a two thousand twelve Toyota RAV4 was attempting to turn right on Sudley Road from Coverstone Drive when a two thousand fifteen Freightliner tractor trailer driving south on Sudley Road ran through a crimson light and collided with the RAV4, police said in the news release.

A passenger in the back seat of the RAV Four, identified as 33-year-old Fresia Danny Melo, of Manassas, was ejected from the vehicle in the crash. She was taken to an area hospital, where she died of her injuries, police said. Police said she was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Four other people, a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, a 43-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman were in the RAV4 at the time of the collision. The children were decently secured in the vehicle and were not injured, police said. One of the adults, the front seat passenger, had minor injuries and was flown to an area hospital, police said. The driver also had minor injuries and was treated at the scene, police said.

The tractor-trailer driver, a 53-year-old Mt. Airy, Maryland man was not injured.

The police investigation proceeds and charges are pending, Perok said.

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In Manassas on Route two hundred thirty four if you are waiting for a crimson light to switch do not, repeat do not instantly proceed when the light switches to green. This article is a flawless example of why you need to wait! Rush hour(s) traffic is sheer insanity when it comes to drivers doing inconsiderate, reckless and stupid things.

Virtually anytime day or night numerous cars routinely run through the crimson lights on route two hundred thirty four north and southbound from I-66. Many locals blame the absurdly long and cockeyed light cycles for this. VDOT has been aware of this situation for years, but instead of setting more reasonable time cycles for light switches, they’ve been more interested in putting up more traffic cameras.

That or building another French flyover like the one in Gainsville that literally dares anyone to navigate through it without having a jumpy breakdown.

CCW – even after waiting, and looking, there are still blind-spots, as a kid going total speed, actually speeding, pulverized me and I was fortunate to have my seatbelt and headairbags. Without, the government stats said I was in the 98-99% of being killed. Airbags save lives. Newer cars saves lives. Thicker cars, even some (not all) less efficient ones saves lives. My condolences, as a victim and many surgeries later, I will never be the same and the kid was unharmed and proceeds like nothing ever happened, daddy bought him a fresh car, insurance very likely went up slightly, he took a duo of weekend courses and complained about it on Facebook, and never apologized. Oh yeh, and SF insurance, they represented both of us and are abysmal. Go figure in selfish world.

Been there, done that twice.

The 2nd time smacked in the rear end by an uninsured, illegal immigrant, no drivers license and gave police a phony address.

These days if in your rear view mirror you happen to notice a fat RAM emblem with a intense duty magnum bumper grill and power winch that might, very likely be me or my other half.

The name of the game became whoever has the most lug nuts wins. It might not always rule against a 50,000 pound Freightliner but it will certainly make a real mess out of any stolen BMW, Audi, Toyota or Lexus.

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