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Rolls Royce Phantom VIII LEAKED pics – Do these pictures confirm the car’s fresh design?

This is allegedly a leaked photograph of the fresh Rolls Royce Phantom VIII

Rolls Royce`s fresh eighth-generation Phantom will be exposed later this month and fans are impatiently awaiting its debut.

The luxury car manufacturer will expose the fresh car on July twenty seven in London.

In January, the last ever Rolls Royce Phantom, as we know it, spinned off the production line after thirteen years of production.

Until now, Rolls Royce has kept the car`s design under wraps, only releasing three narrow insights into the vehicles styling.

The final ever Rolls Royce Phantom VII

The final ever Rolls Royce Phantom VII has spinned off the production line at Goodwood, marking the end of an era for the luxury car.

Rolls Royce Phantom VII [PH]

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Now, however, pictures have surfaced online that have allegedly been taken from a digital brochure of the car, which evidently exposed the vehicle`s design.

The pictures were posted on French fan forum Worldscoop, and they provide the best view of the fresh car without camouflage.

If these pictures are indeed exposing the luxury vehicle`s design, then we can deduce that Rolls Royce has opted for an evolutionary upgrade of the car instead of a revolutionary one.

The design of the car emerges to have been exposed here

The fresh grille, which is now finished in chrome, is similar to the twenty two spoke variant fitted on the Ghost.

Slimmer headlights and larger, more prominent air intake vents have also been added to freshen up the car`s exterior.

This version of the car has been finished in, what emerges to be, a silver/blue two-tone paint job.

The alleged interior design of the fresh Phantom VIII

Rolls Royce exposed this official render of the car today

Inwards the car, the pictures depict the sort of luxury Rolls Royce buyers are familiar to, with premium, plush material fitted and clean, crisp design.

Eagle-eyed fans will be able to notice that the analogue clock has been shifted a few feet away from the driver on the dashboard.

This is expected to be because of the introduction of a screen, that is hidden away, which will likely control the car`s infotainment and navigation.

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII will be unveiled on 27th July in London, where the vehicles price and specs will be confirmed.

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