Mom devastated after watching family die in car crash, Fresh York Post

Mom devastated after watching family die in car crash

July 12, two thousand fifteen | 7:42pm

A Queens mother of two was coerced to vulnerably observe as the car carrying her two youthful kids and spouse burst into flames — killing all three — after it was struck by an alleged drunken driver Sunday.

Lucnie Bouaz-Ostane, 36, spoke through sobs at the family’s St. Albans home about her loss and her own miraculous escape from the searing vehicle.

“I don’t know how I’m going to be living the rest of my life,’’ said the 35-year-old technician at Brooklyn Hospital.

Bouaz-Ostane said the family of four was on their way home from a barbecue in Central Islip when a two thousand eight BMW rear-ended their Toyota on the Southern State Parkway near Exit forty one at 1:30 a.m.

She said she got out of the family’s car, but “I didn’t realize [the crash] was that severe.”

Cracking down, she said, “I attempted to open the door by my daughter, but it was locked.”

The family’s car then burst into flames, trapping her hubby, Brooklyn high-school teacher Ancio Ostane, 8-year-old son Andy and 3-year-old daughter Sephora inwards.

Numerous drivers who witnessed the crash stopped to attempt to help, to no avail. But they did make sure they took photos of the BMW as the driver sped away, Bouaz-Ostane said.

“Those who did help me, you know who you are. I won’t reminisce you, but God bless you,” said Bouaz-Ostane, who was treated for minor injuries at South Side Hospital.

Her spouse and children were pronounced dead at the scene.

“My children will be in my heart forever. My dear modest spouse — no words. Excellent man. Good fellow. Fine father,” Bouaz-Ostane said.

She said her son celebrated his eighth bday last week.

Bouaz-Ostane said she’s glad she splurged on his one request — for a bouncy house. She said she didn’t realize at the time “that was the last party I was providing him.”

Authorities eventually tracked down the alleged hit-run driver, O’Neil Sharpe Jr., at the BWM owner’s home.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident.

Bouaz-Ostane lambasted the man, telling, “That’s not a human,

Now, “all I want is my family, and that is unlikely,” she said.

Ostane family friend Sonia Michel, who was at the house Sunday, added, “He should be put in jail and left to rot to always think about what he did — how he has ripped apart a family and how he has affected a family forever.”

Extra reporting by Sophia Rosenbaum

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